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Article: #5 | Fleur Copin: from Crazy Horse to music

#5 | Fleur Copin : du Crazy Horse à la musique

#5 | Fleur Copin: from Crazy Horse to music

Welcome to POING FORT, the podcast that will give you the weapons of self-confidence. In this first season, 10 guests remove the mask to speak frankly to us about the failures and doubts they had to overcome to achieve their ambitions.

When I met Fleur Copin at the studio in October 2022, she immediately struck me with her uninhibited personality and her sharp style, a mix of Matrix and James Bond Girl.

Fleur draws her passion for classical dance from her childhood, inspired by her grandmother, a former principal dancer at the Bolshoi in Moscow.

During her adolescence, she faced changes to her body and saw her dream of joining the Opera disappear. Determined, she discovered the world of cabaret in Paris. From Macau in China, her path took her to Crazy Horse, where she shone for five years in numbers with evocative names such as “Laser”, “Blush” and “Mirror”.

After ending her dancing career, Fleur decides to take on a new challenge in music this time. Today she releases her first EP, Pilotes , as a composer and performer.

In this episode, I invite you to discover his inspiring journey, which shines with his determination, his desire for freedom and his authenticity. Through her artistic choices and her positions, Fleur embodies, I find, a modern feminist vision, asserting her power of decision over her life and her projects.

Margaux Gripon & Fleur Copin

Margaux: would you say that, when you were younger, you were given the means to pursue your passion for classical dance?

Fleur: After high school, I wanted to be a classical dancer but my dear and loving dance teacher completely broke me into 1000 pieces by telling me that, as I had buttocks and hips, I would never be a classical dancer.

Looking back on the experience, I was disappointed that I was not told that there was more to life than classical dance. The cabaret did not exist. Variety, television did not exist. I feel like it was that or nothing. You couldn't make a career out of anything else. That's what I regret. We never pushed my limits.

I then enrolled in a musical theater school in Le Mans. I barely stayed a year because it didn't suit me and I wanted to work. I go to Paris with my best friend Julien, I find a cabaret, I go to castings and I am accepted.


Margaux: what do you like about cabaret then?

Flower: The power of seduction exercised by a woman's body. We are anchored in still very strong codes of what beauty should be. Not at Crazy: there is such freedom that I had the right to express what I wanted on stage. With girls, we call him the monster inside, a monster of desire, of power. You are on stage, and you have complete control over the situation. You control your sensuality, your body... And that is very strong.


Margaux: what relationship do you have with your body today?

I get along well with my body because I have no choice, I will stay with it for the rest of my life. I also accepted that when you are a woman, your body transforms. Now I have a fairly benevolent look. I play sports, I want to stay in shape, but I do it for me, not because I have to wear a bikini this summer.


Margaux: You are releasing your first EP. What was your creative process like? What did you want to put about yourself in these songs?

I am 30 years old. I have a full career behind me. I'm very well into my thirties. I feel free and I no longer force myself to do anything. I wanted to tell it through music. And in the EP, I didn't want to talk too much about a love story. I really wanted to speak in the lightness of my anxieties.

For example, Violent Wind talks about my terrible alter ego who always pushes you to surpass me. Later , it is a retrospective of my past life, of the meetings I was able to make, of the ideas that I gave myself very young and very quickly. And Flemme , that’s me!

Discover the Fleur Copin episode


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