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Welcome to the Cercle des Créatrices Inspirées, a new meeting where I go to meet sunny women to discuss fashion, creativity, self-confidence and entrepreneurship.

Margaux: I spotted Téva during an nth wandering on Instagram. His successful aesthetic universe mixing photography, contemporary art and street-wear immediately seduced me with its originality and maturity. On the occasion of the launch of her eponymous ready-to-wear brand, I wanted to know more about this young woman who is as inspired as she is determined.

Teva Sartori

Margaux: Who are you?

Teva: My name is Teva Sartori. I'm 22 years old. I am originally from Annecy where I spent all my childhood and then I moved to Paris where I studied fashion design at Atelier Chardon-Savard. I am a stylist, freelancer, content creator for social networks and entrepreneur. I created my own clothing brand in November 2020.

Margaux: How would you describe your universe?

Téva: I would say it's quite minimalist. Very clean, very clean, very white, with a few touches of color. Street-wear mixed with something more luxury, more designer.

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Margaux: What inspires you?

Téva: First my family. She comes from the mountains in Haute-Savoie on my mother's side, from Corsica & Vendée on my father's side. A mix between land and sea.

Then I really like architecture, art. That's why I go to galleries a lot. The street and everyday objects also inspire me. I try to find beauty in everything that might seem trivial. I like to take pictures of everything. It can be forms, contrasts, dualities and I tell myself that it can always be useful to me.

For example, I walk past the florist downstairs all the time. I like the way he arranges his flowers, divided by colors. I find that he manages to create harmonious scales. In fashion, that's what's most important.

Teva Sartori

Margaux: How do you express your creativity?

Téva: Through the photos I take, but also those I create when I make compositions by linking images that have nothing to do with each other. I like this graphic side.

And through clothes. I will experiment first. I create montages with images that I print or that I rework directly on Photoshop. I'm going to create a garment from scratch in digital that I'm then going to design to find the volume and the finishes I want. Then, I do the patronage and then the canvas garment. My favorite thing is all the research up front.

Margaux: What gives you self-confidence?

Teva: My clothes and my jewelry - I can't go out without them.

My favorite outfit: a beige-white garment in which I am quite comfortable, like Issey Miyake pants or Aalto textured ecru jeans worn with a basic white t-shirt.

I always wear the ring I designed for my 20th birthday, a signet ring with my year of birth, my 3 Rings ŌKAN STUDIO ring and a ring that was given to me by a friend. I always have at least one necklace on me and my earrings that I never change.

When I have my jewelry (and my morning cuppa), I know I'm good to go.

Teva Sartori

Margaux: When I say self-confidence, what does that mean to you?

Téva: For me, self-confidence is not something acquired. I develop it by working on myself, by trying to overcome my fears. When there are things I don't want to do, I do violence to myself.

Margaux: Tell me about a time when you stepped out of your comfort zone

Téva: When I went on a roadtrip in Asia alone. Before the departure, I was not afraid but once arrived on the spot, I became aware of the situation. I was all alone, I didn't speak the language and I had to find a taxi or a place to sleep. I felt left to myself. I had no choice, I said to myself: “we have to go”.

A bit like with my brand, I go there and advise afterwards.

Teva Sartori

Margaux: We never take enough time to compliment each other. What is your strength?

Teva: I would say that I am ambitious. This is the thing that comes to mind, at least in everything I do, in everything I undertake. And I'm often told that. Sometimes I get blamed for it.

For me, it refers to the fact that I want to see far and that I also set personal goals in relation to these goals. It allows me to move forward, not to worry about everything that's going on around and all the little problems. I think that I also have a faculty to give little importance to what surrounds me. Nothing is serious and I move forward.

Large ŌKAN STUDIO earrings by Téva Sartori

Margaux: Do you have a personal fight?

Téva: I've always wanted to create my brand because I need a life project that connects all my passions together.

I also need to show what I am capable of. I lost my uncle two years ago. It was heartbreaking because it was unexpected and he was the one with whom I spoke the most about my passion for fashion. When I lost my father, I said to myself that it was the last straw. My father was super hardworking, he was an entrepreneur. I got this from him. I want to show him that he can be proud.

My brand is a way of paying homage to those people I lost. They will live through this brand, it is the transcription of my story.

Margaux: Which female role models inspire you?

Téva: I can't find myself in the great female figures.

Rather, it's the people close to me – my mother, my sisters, my grandmother, my friends – who inspire me with their strength, with what they've accomplished.

Photo credits :

@cassandrabaruti for the photos of Téva

@tvswb for the still lifes

Téva wears the Large NAMI Earrings as well as the NAMI 3 Rings ring .


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