During the confinement, I go to meet artists who inspire me to keep smiling in adversity. In the Slow Life Interview, they tell us like them take advantage of this imposed break to take the time to tame themselves, to escape.

Tiffany is a visual artist. French Japanese.
She loves geometric shapes, varied color palettes and dares to venture into all mediums of expression.
With a lot of humor and derision.

In this first episode of the Slow Life Interview, Tiffany reveals her temporary base and the studio she has improvised. We also talk about auteur films and car cleaning (yes, yes).

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Where are you Tiffany?

I am based in Paris and since the start of confinement I have been in Creuse.

Did you take anything to paint?

I set myself the goal of creating with the means at hand since I left in a bit of a rush. I have a certain stock of paint but it is quite limited. I took some palettes in somewhat light tones. This will give me new constraints for this new production.

Team Netflix?

I subscribed to a subscription on the site. which lists movies from all countries. That's what I recommend to all my friends once they've checked out Netflix.

A book to recommend?

I still had time to take one of my books called "The design of everyday things". It's a book that explores the psychological sensations one feels when designing an object. I'm at the beginning. I will be able to give you a real debrief in a few days, certainly.

Find Tiffany Bouelle on her Instagram: @tiffanybouelle