During the confinement, I go to meet artists who inspire me to keep smiling in adversity. In the Slow Life Interview, they tell us like them take advantage of this imposed break to take the time to tame themselves, to escape.

Since her studies at the Beaux Arts, Laurène has cultivated a taste for the impalpable.
With her handmade mirrors, she invites us to capture the beauty of the moment. The light of the sun, the colors of the sky, the moments of rain...

In this new episode of the Slow Life Interview, Laurène talks to us about the calm time found which brings her serenity and makes us discover her student treasures as well as the comics that inspire her.

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Where are you Lauren?

Currently I'm in the countryside not far from Paris, so it's nice.

Your favorite place right now?

I make the most of being outside. It is the beginning of Spring. It is a chance.

Where is your workshop?

Usually I work in my studio in Saint-Denis. It's a fairly large space with all my equipment, which allows me to be safe when I work.

Thanks to containment?

I rediscovered a lot of the work I did when I was a Fine Arts student, with a lot of plexiglass, glass and mirror already. It was much more sculptural stuff. It makes me want to do it again. There is good research that I would like to continue.

What relaxes you ?

It's this calm time that calms all gestures, thoughts... We have time to really be with ourselves. The time to read, to do things that are also important and that we don't usually integrate.

How do you take care ?

Readings, poems and comics. It's what inspires me and it's what comforts me in the things I love. It gives me strength. And now I downloaded software to learn how to do 3D drawing.

A new habit ?

Do nothing. It calms the mind, it calms the body. I'm going back to meditation, it's great.

The first thing you will do when you get out of confinement ?

See my friends, hang out with my friends. Going out, dancing... Reviving with a lot of energy.

Find Laurène Guarneri on her Instagram: @laureneguarneri