Terms of sale

The current General Terms and Conditions of Sale are up to date as of September 16, 2019.


"GTCS" refers to these general terms and conditions of sale detailing the conditions of use of the Site and the procedures for placing Orders;

"CLIENT" refers to any individual or legal entity placing an order on the SITE. The CLIENT who purchases on the site declares to be legally capable of committing to these GTCS.

"ORDERS" refers to the firm order(s) made on the SITE by the CLIENT for the acquisition of one or more PRODUCTS.

"CONTENT" refers to all elements (texts, images, videos) uploaded on the site by ŌKAN STUDIO and owned by them.

"PRE-ORDER" refers to the PRODUCT(s) subject to a pre-ORDER before their release or availability to the public.

"PRICE" refers to the prices presented on the SITE and includes all taxes. The prices of the PRODUCTS are indicated in euros. ŌKAN STUDIO reserves the right to change its prices without notice, and the prices applied to the CLIENT correspond to those displayed on the site at the time of his order. The goods remain the full property of ŌKAN STUDIO until the total sum due is received by the CLIENT.

"PRODUCT" refers to all pieces of jewelry, and more generally, all products offered for sale on the site. All products offered for sale are new.

"SITE" refers to the ŌKAN STUDIO online store, accessible from any terminal at the following address www.okan-studio.com, from which CLIENTS can place orders.

"COMPANY" refers to the company Studio M, SAS with a capital of 1,000 euros, registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 851 687 095, represented by its President Margaux Gripon, whose head office is 34 Rue de Malte, 75011 Paris, France. Its individual intra-community VAT identification number is FR 11 851687095.


These GTCS are intended to define all the conditions under which the COMPANY markets the products as offered for sale on the SITE to CLIENTS. Therefore, they apply to any ORDER of products placed on the SITE by the CLIENT.

The CLIENT declares having read and accepted these GTCS before placing his ORDER.

The validation of the ORDER therefore implies acceptance of these GTCS. They are regularly updated; the GTCS applicable are those in force on the SITE at the date of the ORDER placement.

Any contrary condition posed by the CLIENT would therefore, in the absence of express acceptance, be unenforceable against the COMPANY, regardless of the time it could have been brought to its attention.

The fact that the COMPANY does not assert at a given moment any provision of these GTCS, cannot be interpreted as a waiver to assert later any provision of said GTCS.


The COMPANY reserves the right to correct the CONTENT of the SITE at any time.

The PRODUCT(s) offered for sale are described and presented with the greatest possible accuracy. However, a minor variation in the color of the product(s) does not engage the responsibility of the COMPANY and does not affect the validity of the sale.

The CLIENT selects the PRODUCT(s) he wishes to purchase, and can access a summary of his ORDER at any time.

The ORDER summary presents the list of PRODUCT(s) that the CLIENT has selected, and includes any additional fees such as delivery price added to the PRICE of the ORDER's PRODUCT(s). The CLIENT has the opportunity to modify his ORDER and correct any errors before proceeding to the acceptance of his ORDER.

After accessing the summary of his ORDER, the CLIENT confirms the acceptance of his ORDER by checking the validation box of the GTCS, then clicking on the ORDER validation icon. The mention ''Order with payment obligation'' or a similar phrase devoid of any ambiguity appears next to the ORDER validation icon to ensure that the CLIENT explicitly recognizes his obligation to pay for the ORDER.

After acceptance of the GTCS and validation of the ORDER with payment obligation, the contract is validly concluded between the COMPANY and the CLIENT and binds them irrevocably.

After validating his ORDER and in order to proceed with the payment, the CLIENT enters the coordinates where he wishes to obtain delivery of the ordered product(s), and billing if they are different. The delivery process of the ordered PRODUCT(s) is described in ARTICLE 5 of these GTCS.

The COMPANY then sends him a confirmation of ORDER by email, containing the elements of the summary of his ORDER and the entered delivery and, if applicable, billing addresses.

After validating his delivery and, if applicable, billing coordinates, The CLIENT proceeds with the payment of his ORDER as specified below.


Some PRODUCTS may be offered for PRE-ORDER on the SITE according to their official release date. This PRE-ORDER is made with the indication of a release date that the COMPANY announces at the time of the opening of the PRE-ORDER phase. Being solely responsible for the marketing of its PRODUCTS, the COMPANY reserves the right to change this release date at any time.

In the event that certain PRODUCTS are pre-ordered on the Site, the entire ORDER will then be put on hold until the PRODUCT(s) is/are available. In the event that the ORDER includes one (or several) PRODUCT(s) in PRE-ORDER as well as one (or several) item(s) already available on the SITE, the entire ORDER will then be put on hold and will only be shipped when all of the PRODUCTS are available. If the CLIENT wishes to receive the available PRODUCT(s) immediately, the CLIENT will need to place two separate ORDERS on the SITE.

The estimated delivery deadline for an ORDER is based on the PRODUCT with the longest shipping time.

Before validating your PRE-ORDER, the CLIENT can view the estimated delivery time, this information is displayed when choosing your payment method.

Some PRODUCTS may be limited in quantity during their PRE-ORDER. The COMPANY reserves the right to cancel and refund PRE-ORDERS in case of non-compliance with the indications given.


The PRICES are mentioned on the SITE in the descriptions of the PRODUCTS, in euros and all taxes included.

The total amount is indicated in the summary of the ORDER, before the Client accepts these GTCS, validates his ORDER, enters and validates his delivery and, if applicable, billing coordinates and proceeds with payment.

The ORDER of PRODUCTS on the SITE is payable in euros. The total payment must be made on the day of the ORDER by the CLIENT, by credit card, except for special sale conditions expressly accepted by the CLIENT and the COMPANY.

In case of payment by credit card, the SITE uses Stripe's security system, a provider specialized in securing online payments. This system guarantees the CLIENT total confidentiality of his banking information. The bank transaction by credit card, made between the CLIENT and the secure system is therefore fully encrypted and protected. The CLIENT's banking coordinates are not computer-stored by the COMPANY.

The CLIENT guarantees to the COMPANY that he has the necessary authorizations to use the payment method, during the placement of the ORDER.

The COMPANY reserves the right to refuse an order if the CLIENT already has a dispute with the COMPANY or if the COMPANY believes that the CLIENT poses a risk of payment default. The COMPANY then reserves the right to ask its CLIENT for additional information if it deems necessary, such as an identity document or a proof of address. Without a response from the CLIENT within 5 days following the ORDER, the ORDER and the payment are canceled. The COMPANY undertakes to honor the ORDERS received, only within the limit of available stocks.

Payment in installments with Alma. If you pay your order in installments, you accept Alma's general customer conditions. as well as the specific Alma conditions for STUDIO M customers.