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Article: #8 | FLEUR GEFFRIER, actress

#8| FLEUR GEFFRIER, l'actrice montante qui a fait de la résilience son Poing Fort

#8 | FLEUR GEFFRIER, actress

Welcome to POING FORT, the podcast that will give you the weapons of self-confidence. In this first season, 10 guests remove the mask to speak to us frankly about the failures and doubts they had to overcome to achieve their ambitions.

Fleur is an actress that I discovered for her interpretation of Camille Léger in the series Les drops de Dieu. Having fallen into the cinema bath when she was little, she gave herself the means to achieve her dream career.

From her competitions to enter Cours Florent to her studies in performing arts, to her first castings, Fleur proves to us that we must persevere despite the trials and doubts of life.

In short, Fleur is a motivated, motivating woman who is overflowing with the desire to surpass herself and overcome her fears.

MARGAUX: Was there a figure you wanted to look like later?

FLEUR: When I was little, it’s true that my mother fascinated me a lot. Then, there was the actress Audrey Tautou in Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain, a film which plunges into a slightly fictionalized, finally fantasized universe of a postcard Paris . And very shortly after, I saw an interview with her. I was 12 years old and she was talking about the Florent classes, she was talking about her career, how she got there. And I said to myself... "I would love to do that but it's impossible, Paris is so far but my god I'll never get there but I would love so much". When I returned to the Florent class I remembered this moment, even though I had completely forgotten this passage.

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