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Margaux: Adriana is Peruvian, journalist and Parisian by adoption for 4 years. One of his favorite subjects: debunking prejudices. She wrote a book on the stereotypes of beauty in Latin America and she continues this reflection today on her Youtube account and her Instagram. Adriana has been following me since the very beginning of ŌKAN STUDIO and it was important to me to reveal this beautiful person to you a little more. I was impressed by her determination and her positivity, I hope she will inspire you to go after your dreams and your ambitions!

Adriana Seminario is the guest of the ŌKAN circle

Margaux: Who are you?

Adriana: My name is Adriana. I have been living in Paris for almost 4 years now. I come from Peru. I am a journalist, what we call influencers these days. I have a YouTube channel where I talk a lot about being from Latin America or a Spanish-speaking country and moving to Paris, but not in the Emily in Paris way.

Margaux: How do you express your creativity?

Adriana: I've always loved writing. It's my way of expressing what's on my mind. I really feel this need to share thoughts or things that might make you think a bit further.

Adriana Seminario wears the NAMI Creoles

Margaux: What are your favorite subjects?

Adriana: I think it's always important to ask ourselves what is the role of women today, what is the power they can have today in society and what are the taboos that we have to erase.
And to start, we have to talk about it.

Women in France have known all this freedom thanks to the work of women intellectuals, philosophers and people who have contributed to this feminist movement. In Peru, we are starting to get there but unfortunately, society is still a bit traditional in the bad sense of the word. The role of women is generally very oriented towards motherhood, towards very clichéd figures in society. I think that will change over time, but for that to change, it has to be talked about.

Adriana Seminario wears the NAMI Creoles

Margaux: Tell me about your book!

Adriana: The book (which I wrote) is about beauty stereotypes in Latin America, about identity. What do we define as beautiful? There is a long history of colonization in Latin America which has defined, even today, the standards of what we define as beautiful and what we define as undesirable.

I interviewed anthropologists, intellectuals and academics. The book came out in 2017 and I still get messages from people saying, oh my god, I read your book. It opened my eyes! I don't want to say that I change people's lives, but it makes them question themselves and I think that's important. It's the start of something.

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Margaux: Tell me about a time when you stepped out of your comfort zone

Adriana: I think taking risks is something that defines me. The last risk I took, the biggest risk in fact, I think was leaving Peru to come to France.

1 - I have always wanted to go abroad
2 - I wanted to make the effort to fit into a new culture. And I love French culture.
3 - I think I get bored very easily and need challenges. I need a new challenge to come my way.

I think it's important to keep discovering. To keep an inquisitive mind and keep learning.

Adriana Seminario is wearing the NAMI 10 Rings Hoop Earrings & Cuff

Margaux: We don't take enough time to compliment each other. What is your strength?

Adriana: I think my main strength is that I really enjoy listening to others. I am very curious. The more different the people around me are, the more curious I am.

Margaux: What is femininity for you?

Adriana: To be feminine, in a very traditional sense, is to be soft, kind, soft-spoken, etc. And you can be like that if you want. I just don't want to impose restrictions on women so that they can live their femininity as they wish.

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Adriana wears the 3 Rings Ring , the Creoles and the 10 Rings Cuff from the NAMI Edition.