Does impostor syndrome speak to you?

ŌKAN STUDIO was born following a long personal journey. I have long buried in me the desire to launch my brand, to design with my own hands. I didn't feel capable of it.

Until the click - this moment when my creativity was unblocked during an initiatory trip to Japan in March 2018.

All it took was an encounter with an extraordinary jewel, which crossed all my fingers with strength and lightness, to inspire me to let my creativity speak.

Back in Paris, inhabited by the tenacious memory of this jewel, I start drawing. I learn to design in 3D thanks to tutorials on Youtube, I invest in a 3D printer to make my first resin models.

This is how ŌKAN was born.

Prototype after prototype, my ideas take shape to give rise to sculptures to wear with a bold and signed design.

Jewelry that will give you a feeling of power when you wear it. Confidence to wear for every day of the year.


Through my creations, today I want to transmit to you the strength to believe in yourself and to follow what instinct dictates to finally be able to touch your zone of genius.

Why OKAN? Behind this sonorous and slamming name with the scent of elsewhere, I have chosen to hide a symbol, that of power - of course.

ŌKAN is the transcription of the kanji 王冠 which means "crown". So that you always have your head held high while wearing one of our signature jewels.