We are the same, you and us: we love Beauty with meaning.

It is for this reason that we sought (and found!) a jewelry workshop that shares our values.

Our trusted workshop, located in Portugal, bears the RJC label , a prestigious international benchmark that certifies the ethical origin of its materials and respect for human rights.

Collaborating with a workshop aware of its impact on the environment and society was a sine qua none condition for us.

From wax printing to plating, all the stages of making your jewel take place in our workshop: this allows us to offer you a fair price while limiting our environmental impact.

Our workshop is vertically integrated , that is to say that it is able to carry out all the stages of production of your jewel.

This makes it possible to limit superfluous margins and therefore to offer you today perfectly finished parts at the right price. Another advantage is that it avoids unnecessary travel and limits CO2 emissions.

The workshop consumes just what is needed in precious metals because each shavings from the various manufacturing stages are recycled and reintegrated into future cast iron. No waste, a virtuous circle!

Designing & manufacturing with intelligence is also about having an ethical approach

I work hand in hand with the technical teams to design a piece that is as comfortable as possible with the most environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

Because we want you to be proud to wear our creations, the workshop works carefully on the finishes of each piece of jewelry to make it last as long as possible.

We work with precious metals such as solid silver or vermeil and gold-plated brass. If you want to know more, follow the guide!