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Margaux : It was by having lent my pieces to a stylist that I adore (hello Justine ) that I discovered the work of Charlotte Navio . She had fun creating an editorial shoot with my pieces, of which here is a preview.
I was immediately caught up in Charlotte's radiant and deeply human work. After a few exchanges, conquered by her open-mindedness and her natural enthusiasm, I wanted to meet her and interview her all the more.
So here we are in her beautiful Parisian apartment, which she regularly trades for a large house in her native South.
She tells us how she fell in love with photography, especially through her grandmother's disposable, how she determinedly followed a path in the image, at the Gobelins. What she likes the most: the editorials to create freely and break the codes of beauty. Today, she has worked with big names such as Sephora, Chanel, Dior and even Princesse Tam Tam.
Throughout the discussion, Charlotte reveals to us how she managed to find a place for herself in an artistic profession, and talks about her self-confidence and what makes her feel good on a daily basis.
I hope that these moments shared with Charlotte will give you, too, the motivation to follow her voice!
Margaux: Can you introduce yourself?
My name is Charlotte Navio, I am a photographer and I come from Marseille. And I've been in Paris for ten years.
Margaux: Why the photo?
Ever since I was little, I do n't think I ever wanted to do anything other than a photographer. It came from my grandmother, who was already doing a lot of photos, especially disposable ones.
I really wanted to take people who had somewhat strong styles or personalities. Little by little, I built my universe. Some girlfriends were my muses. Sometimes I would like to do Vogue covers again, it was really extensive: we did all the make-up and styling.
Margaux: What excites you the most?
Editorial work. If you want to hijack clothes, jewelry, we are super free to do it and that's what I love. For me, fashion is also having fun.
I 'm continuing a project I started almost a year ago called Faces , which is a black and white series about women.
From the start, I've always found it necessary to try to break the codes: for this series, we tried to take girls who already had a very assertive style, or girls who, for once, were -be a little more introverted. We took the opportunity to transform them on these images.
For me, there is not even a difference between a thin or round girl. We choose a model for what she exudes, for what she is. The girls now called plus size and curves are just normal girls.
Margaux: Can you share with us a moment when you stepped out of your comfort zone?
Getting out of your comfort zone, in any case, is always a little scary. Me, it happened to me on a job. It was a very busy period and it was something new, where I had to take pictures of really well-known celebrities.
It was a difficult exercise, but I decided to be myself, as I usually am. In any case, whether this person is known or not at all, there is no difference. Finally, we are here to make beautiful images. Everything went super well!
Margaux: What is your relationship to self-confidence?
I admire the girls who pose in life, It's an exercise that for me is complicated honestly. I never really felt the need to show myself. I am very well in my place behind the lens. And then certainly there is a story of self-confidence. Working in the medium of the image also means constantly being confronted with a certain beauty. you have to manage to be indulgent towards yourself.
Margaux: So what gives you confidence on a daily basis?
If you see me on the street, I'll definitely be in sneakers, a t-shirt and a denim jacket. On the other hand, jewelry has always been my thing. Jewelry is a way to afford things, or to feel beautiful without having to overdo it.
Self-confidence, I find it a lot through work, because since I'm very invested , it's a place where I manage to find a kind of rigor too. And in life, it also goes a lot through the circle, that we form, the family that we choose.
Photo credits :
Photos and video: Jeanne Perrotte
Editing: Emma Binois