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Welcome to the Cercle des Créatrices Inspirées where I meet sunny women to discuss creativity, art, self-confidence and entrepreneurship.

Margaux: I had the chance to chat with Dalel Ouasli , a painter from the South of France, with magnetic, enigmatic and colorful canvases. She has always been passionate about painting, yet she chooses to follow a "serious" path by embarking on the path of finance. A few years later, the desire to devote herself to her passion led her to enroll in the School of Arts at the Sorbonne, in parallel with her career.
At the turn of this interview , the young painter shares her passion, her personal relationship with painting, her inspirations, and talks to us about strength and self-confidence.

I hope it will inspire you, too, to listen to yourself, to gain self-confidence, and to follow your passions and your dreams!


Margaux: Who are you?

Dalel: My name is Dalel, I am Mediterranean, originally from the South of France. I have been living in Paris for 6 years now.
I've always loved drawing and painting, but at first I kept it to myself: over time, I wanted to share this passion with an audience, get them to participate, and devote myself fully to it.


Margaux: Tell me about your painting.

Dalel: My painting has different levels of reading. What I want is to represent strong characters inspired by Greek statuary and divinities, as mysterious as they are profound. The absence of eyes reinforces the universal character of my characters. There is an enigmatic side in my works; I find it interesting to let the viewer imagine what he likes.
This is also what my work is about - allowing the viewer's imagination to develop.

Margaux: What is your relationship to painting? What does she represent for you?

Dalel: I have always painted, even when sometimes I lacked time, I have always continued and I will always continue. I paint because it is my outlet, my way of communicating. It is a gateway to the other. When I paint, it's a moment of letting go where I let myself be crossed by emotions.


Margaux: What are your inspirations?

Dalel: My influences are multiple - both modern and contemporary art. I am inspired by classic artists like Matisse, Gauguin, but also by photography like the still lifes of Irving Penn. The origins of my passion are also deeply rooted in the environment where I grew up.

Margaux: If you could give the 18-year-old Dalel one piece of advice, what would it be?

Dalel: I think that when you want something, you have to go get it, take it. You don't have to be afraid, you have to have guts and audacity. There's a saying that I like: "Who wants something, finds a way, and who doesn't want to do anything, finds an excuse".


Margaux: What gives you self-confidence? What is your strength?

Dalel: What gives me self-confidence is my strength and my values ​​of acceptance, openness, benevolence. Of humility too, and of combativeness.
My strength is my determination, my perseverance. I always try to go after my dreams.

Margaux: Where are you in your life? Do you think you have succeeded?

Dalel: I think I succeeded because I am fulfilled in my life, I am in harmony with myself. I found the balance.

Photo credit:

Jeanne Perrotte for photos and video shooting - editing ŌKAN STUDIO

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