During the confinement, I go to meet artists who inspire me to keep smiling in adversity. In the Slow Life Interview, they tell us how they take advantage of this imposed break to take the time to tame themselves, to escape.

Impossible not to invite Anne-Charlotte.
We met on a set, in my old life, when I was working for L'Oréal. We were immediately hooked: a shared love of early 19th century English literature, Wes Anderson and Mediterranean food. Always smiling and not his tongue in his pocket.
It was with a beating heart that I offered him in May 2019 to direct the very first campaign for ŌKAN STUDIO. With joy, she accepted :)
In this new episode of the Slow Life Interview, Anne-Charlotte welcomes us to her parents' house in the North of France and she tells us about her confined daily life with her joyfully quirky humor. She also reveals an excerpt from her short film and explains how she prepares for a shoot.

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Who are you ?
My name is Anne-Charlotte Moulard and I am a director and photographer.

Where are you Anne-Charlotte?
I'm with my parents where I'm lucky to have a workshop, which allows me to work and continue to advance my series and my short film projects.

Tell us about your latest short film, "Early Bird"
The starting point is: what if I took an early bird ticket so early that I arrive very early in the season to such an extent that everything is closed. That's what I tried to portray in an aesthetic, poetic way to bring a whole reverie side to it and especially to try to say that it's often when you arrive at the wrong place at the wrong time or when you don't know. don't expect us to have the best encounters.
Find Anne-Charlotte Moulard on her Instagram: @ annecharlottemoulard