During the confinement, I go to meet artists who inspire me to keep smiling in adversity. In the Slow Life Interview, they tell us how they take advantage of this imposed break to take the time to tame themselves, to escape.

Alternately author-composer-performer and model, Mélissa impresses me with her talent (and her 1m82).
She has been singing since a young age, inspired by great voices like Sade, Nina Simone, James Blake. His, soaring and powerful, is revealed in his latest album entitled "Nomad".
His solar universe, impregnated with a romantic melancholy, transports us to a world conducive to daydreaming and relaxation.
In this new episode of the Slow Life Interview, Mélissa welcomes us to her home in Geneva and tells us about her confined daily life with a lot of humor and without pretense. Resilient, she knows how to listen to herself and accept the ups and downs with a smile and in song. Solar, definitely.

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Who are you ?

My name is Melissa Bon. I am a singer-songwriter. I do modeling and recently released an album called Nomad.

Where are you Melissa?

In Geneva. At my house. My hometown. My house

How are you doing right now?

I think we've known better. But we're going to say it's okay because it's better to say it's okay than it's not.

Jogging or Pyjamas?

Rather jog. I still like to change clothes between the time I wake up and the rest of the day. It kinda gives me the feeling of doing stuff.

How do you take care?

It depends on the days. There are days when I want nothing. There are days when I read a book. There is days when I listen to music. There is days when I sleep. There are days when I make a little music.

A new habit with confinement ?

I sleep. Many, many, many. A LOT.

New songs on the horizon ?

I would say not really. I admit that I have a little trouble being inspired by the situation.

An album you are listening to at the moment ?

I'm doing a bit of Sade's entire discography because it's the music that soothes and relaxes me.

With the confinement, do you take the opportunity to do... ?

Storing !

Nap or Yoga ?

Siesta, I think that's pretty clear.

The first thing you are going to do at the end of the confinement ?

Oooh, the list is long but the first thing I'm going to run is to go find my parents, my little brother and my sister, whom I haven't seen for a very long time.

Find Mélissa Bon on her Instagram: @ melissabon

Mélissa is wearing the NAMI 5 Rings ring and the NAMI 10 Rings cuff in Yellow Gold Vermeil.